Storming Jericho Has A New (Awesome) Website!

As you can tell from the title of this post, we have some really exciting news to share. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the talented Jonathan Kurten, Storming Jericho has a brand new, clean and elegant website for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Jonathan contacted us when he first heard/read about our walk and our mission and asked if he could donate his time and skills to designing us a website (which is something we’d mentioned needing desperately before our journey even started). We told him “Yes, please and thank you” pretty much before he could even finish asking us.

Not only did Jonathan design and build a new website for us, but he also created a gorgeous (and in our opinion, very clever) logo, which you can see at the top of the new website. So now, all in all, we have a new logo, a new visual look, and a website that’s easy to use, easy to update, and easy to be excited about.

If you haven’t visited the new site yet (those of you who receive these blog posts via email rather than by checking the Storming Jericho website directly), just go to and see the majesty of the new site for yourself. We’re so thankful to Jonathan for his relentless work on this (and his patience during these stretches where we were stuck for days at a time with no internet access) and his general support of this walk and what we’re hoping to accomplish.

Be sure to check out his website at and feel free to let him know on Twitter how impressed you are.

Thanks everyone, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon as we wrap up our journey across Nevada and head into Utah!

-Mike and Lindsie

Shining A Light On Our Journey – Petzl Headlamps

We just wanted to take a moment to write a post thanking one of our great sponsors on this journey. Petzl® makes amazing headlamps and they were kind enough to provide us not only with two of their incredibly handy Tikka XP®2 headlamps, but they also provided us with their CORE rechargeable batteries so we wouldn’t have to constantly purchase new AAA batteries all the time.

These headlamps have been SUCH a blessing. They have a number of options (high power direct beam, high power dispersed light, low power for each option, and high power blinking, along with an alternate option of constant read warning light or blinking red warning light for safety), and we’ve spent many nights using the high-powered beams to set up our tents in otherwise pitch-darkness. If you want to see for yourself how they work, check out the video below (and if you can’t see the video below, click here:

You may be thinking, “Why spend money on a headlamp when you could just bring a flashlight?” But when you’re sitting off the side of the highway, exhausted after walking 20 miles in day, trying to set up a tent with one hand while holding a flashlight in the other isn’t exactly a treat. Having your hands free to set everything up is a MAJOR plus.

All in all, we truly appreciate Petzl’s support and can wholeheartedly recommend their headlamps if you’re in the market for one. Whether you’re walking across the country or just setting up a tent in your backyard for the night, their handiness is worth every penny.

We’ll have other sponsorship posts and videos coming soon, but wanted to spread the word that Petzl really gets the job done with headlamps, and they get the Storming Jericho stamp of approval, for sure.

-Mike and Lindsie