From Cow Town to Davis, now on to Sacramento

Since our last post, we’ve only been blessed even more abundantly, which is amazing. Just thought we’d start this post off by mentioning that.

After reaching Vacaville (Cow Town in Spanish), we had an opportunity to spend the night at Valley Church. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Ricardo Villareal, the chaplain at Valley Church, we were able to get a hot shower, and he even bought us dinner (and breakfast the next morning). He also spent tons of time sharing stories with us and providing a wealth of insight on the Word. And thanks to Ricardo and Kevin Anderson, another Valley Church staff member, we were able to sleep safely and comfortably inside the church.

We woke up bright and early the next morning and, after a quick breakfast with Ricardo, we were moving on toward Davis. We had originally considered spending the night in Dixon (kind of a halfway point between Vacaville and Davis), but we had a church to stay in once we got to Davis, so we decided to make the big push to get there in time for a comfortable night’s stay.

Unfortunately, getting to Davis in one fell swoop meant pushing on for 21.7 miles (definitely a new record for us so far). Add to that the fact that it was an almost 100-degree day, and you can imagine that we were just about dead on arrival in Davis.

Thankfully, Bensie Cheney from Davis Christian Assembly met us in Davis with plates full of delicious Chinese food and another church to safely spend the night in. PLUS, we stayed in the preschool room, which had an extra-thick padded carpet, so we were basically sleeping in the lap of luxury as far as floor sleeping goes. Even though we were exhausted from our 22-mile journey, it was great talking to Bensie and spending some time with her and her two adorable kids, Helen and Conner. Then she was kind enough to bring us bagels the next morning and let us bum around the church for awhile, which was an added blessing.

The 22 miles took their toll on Lindsie’s feet (which are pretty horrendously blistered up, to say the least), so we were thankful that Lindsie’s mom’s cousin, Nancy, and her daughter Deanna, asked if we’d hang out with them an extra night in Davis. With an offer of fun company, a free meal, and a warm night in a comfy hotel bed, we were more than happy to take them up on said generous offer. It was great talking with Nancy and Deanna, hearing family stories, and spending time with people who care about us.

Finally, because of Lindsie’s still-messed up feet, we’ve decided to stay here in Davis for one more night. Tomorrow morning, Saturday the 23rd, we’ll pack up early and head to Sacramento. We don’t have any connections in Sacramento yet, so if you know of anybody who wants to let two cross-country travelers set up a tent in their backyard, feel free to let us know (or have them let us know, if that’s easier). They can email us at or they can call my (Mike’s) phone at 605-521-6762.

We want to thank everyone again for the great words of encouragement. We hope we aren’t sounding like a broken record, but it’s just been amazing to see the outpouring of support we’ve gotten in the past few weeks. It seems like no matter what challenges we come across, God is there to help us figure out what to do next and there are always people we can rely on to keep pushing us on. So again—and certainly not for the last time—thank you.

We’ll have more updates soon, and we’ll try to mix things up with a video or two here in the very near future. We have a few great products to highlight via video (and Jaeda’s starting to complain that she hasn’t been featured enough on the blog), so we’ve obviously got more work to do soon.

We hope you’re doing well, and we encourage you to drop us a line, either directly via email or phone or by leaving a comment on this blog or the Facebook page. We love hearing from our friends and family, plus we don’t stay as up-to-date on everything that’s going on in “the normal world” when we spend all day walking down the sidewalk. So keep in touch, por favor!

Back with more soon!

-Mike and Linds (and Jaeda!)