Prayers For A Friend

We’ve been blessed along this journey of ours to have TONS of friends and family actively praying for us as we travel. Whether it’s prayers for our safety, prayers that the Lord will strengthen our willpower, or prayers that we’ll grow closer with the Lord every day, we’ve been blessed beyond words.

One of our most consistent friends and supporters on this journey is a gentleman named Gary Mitchell. Gary walks for cancer research out in West Virginia, and, unfortunately, very recently had an accident while walking. Gary broke his leg and had to have a pin and plate put in to help with the recovery. He’s now going through rehab. Although he should recover, it’s not going to be any easy process, to say the least.

We just wanted to ask for your prayers for Gary, as he’s someone who has been a fervent supporter and follower of our journey. We figure it’s the least we can do to send a few extra prayers his way while he recovers.

Thanks for the prayers, and we will be back with more info on our own journey soon. We’re only a few days away from heading back out to resume our walk. We’re both excited and nervous, so feel free to send words of encouragement if you have time. Every bit helps.

Thanks again, and we hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

-Mike and Lindsie


  1. Thanks Mike and Lindsie
    I like the page, you can keep it up.

    I appreciate you both very much.
    If you make it to West Virginia, I know a very nice B&B that is just fabulous to stay at.
    I understand your just waiting for warmer weather to start walking again.
    Thanks for page.

    God bless and safe journey on your trip.

  2. We’re glad we can help, Gary! We appreciate the heads up on the B&B and, if we end up heading your direction, we’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks, and we hope the recovery is going well. God bless you too!

    • Thanks

      I really miss being on the trail and meeting new friends such as yourself. The rail trail from Parkersburg to Wolf Summit, is pretty rough in a lot of places, especially through the tunnels.
      At my church, we have a camp ground qnd I know my pastor would let you camp there. Maybe I could bring my tent and camp with you. Maybe take you out for a hot meal on my treat and let you get your laundry done.
      I made it home on Mother’s Day and now having theropy at home.
      Tell everyone I appreciate their prayers and support.

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